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All Things Andrew
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I'm selling a Jack's Mannequin shirt and a Something Corporate shirt,… 
2nd-Aug-2009 10:44 am
photography: read a book
I'm selling a Jack's Mannequin shirt and a Something Corporate shirt, as well as some others.

Jack's Mannequin shirt, size youth large (14/16).

Something Corporate shirt, size youth large (14/16). This has only been worn once, if at all. I really like it but it's too small for me. :(

Amber Pacific shirt, size small.

Amber Pacific Take Action shirt, size small.

Daphne Loves Derby shirt, size youth large (14/16).

Punchline shirt, size small.

Mae autographed shirt, size small. I met the band and had them sign my shirt when I saw them two years ago. I've only worn this once or twice.

Taking Back Sunday shirt, size youth medium (10/12). This one has a small sharpie stain above the penguin in the air...it's faded, but still there.

Thrice shirt, size medium.

Matchbook Romance shirt, size medium.

Story of the Year shirt, size medium.

AFI shirt, size medium.

All these shirts are in great condition, except where noted (specifically, the small sharpie stain on the TBS shirt). I'd like ten dollars (which includes shipping) for each (except the TBS shirt--because of the stain I'm only asking for $5), although I would be willing to take the best offer. Let me know on here or via cheapwine.and.cigarettes@gmail.com if you're interested or have any questions. Thank you! :)
21st-Sep-2009 11:55 pm (UTC)
I just emailed you =]
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