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So, I made a few icons from when JM was on the "Who's Next?" thing. I've a quick question too. But anyways; onto the Andrew icons! Whoo~ o_o;

First, the question, I guess. Um, just so I don't get into trouble or anything, are we allowed to make icons from that Globes & Maps video someone made or what? I feel really dumb for asking this, but I've never really been one to pay attention to many things, sorry about that.
Thanks, but onto the icons for now.

Oh yeah, and credit if you want, just thought I'd like to share these. You don't have to credit if you don't want to, but it would be appreciated. :)

Sorry that the icons are all squished, I'm kinda new at making icons and stuff.

edit; Is this supposed to be friends only, or something? Sorry, I'm such an idiot with this stuff.

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