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First time posters: we want to know who you are!

The Basics
1. Name: Casey
2. Sex: Female
3. Location: Western Australia
4. Age: 18

Pictures (optional) - none yet :(

5. JM song? Why?Bruised. Because the second I heard it, it made me jump up and dance.
6. Something Corporate song? Why?Fall. Sentimental reasons. Something I was going through at the time.
7. Something Corporate album? Why?North. It was awesome to see how they had evolved together.
8. Lyric/verse by SoCo or JM? Why?You'll never scream so loud, as I wanna scream with you. Because it keeps me hopeful (I dunno why, it just does :p)
9. Quote about or by Andrew?
10. Member of either JM or SoCo (other than Andrew)? Why?Brian. Because he's plain adorable!
11. Experience at a JM or SoCo show?Unfortunately, I am not that lucky. Does the Ventura dvd count?
12. Books?Harry Potter
13. 10 Bands/Artists?Soco & JM, obviously. The Starting Line, Daphne loves Derby, Hellogoodbye, I Can Make a Mess, Socratic, Houston Calls, Behind Crimson Eyes, Fall Out Boy
14. Actor and/or actress?John Cusack
15. Movies?Garden State
16. TV Shows?The OC
17. Food?Spagetti

Random Questions
18. Do you have any of the Support Andrew wristbands, if so, which one(s)? I've ordered the blue "I will fight" and donated extra, but it's yet to arrive
19. Tell us a short story relevant to Andrew.He inspires me each and every day of my life.
20. Why did you join this community?Because I wanted to be a part of a place to talk about all things Andrew :)
21. How do you feel about Andrew’s battle? "I won't let this get me. I will fight"
22. Do you make icons/graphics/wallpapers/layouts, if so, would you be willing to share them here?Absolutely
23. How many shows have you been to for either SoCo or JM? If you haven’t, how come?None, Because they aren't touring over here yet
24. How would you describe the fans of Andrew (we’re not talking about the “OMFG he iz soooo hott” ones, we’re talking about the normal ones who appreciate the music and the quirks)?Amazing. The support Andrew has been recieving throughout all of this has been unbelievable.
25. How has he affected you and your life?Through the last couple of big ordeals in my life, there has always been the perfect SoCo song to match it, helping me realise that I'm not the only one in the world that has ever felt like this. He keeps me hopeful and inspired, my source of optimism. And being such a hopeless romantic, he keeps me hopeful for one day being "the girl" the song was written about. :)

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