January 13th, 2006

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In College yesterday me and my friend were in photography and our lecturer threw us out and told us to go and take photos of random things. :P So we worked our way around the whole college and ended up on the 11th floor and my friend said, "HEY, let's find room 1111 to take a photo of!!" so we went off in search of it to take photos and we couldn't find it, so we asked a little man if he knew where it was and he said it didn't exist. :( So we just took a photo of the 11th floor sign. One side had 'eleven' and across from it was the number 11, so it was the next best thing. :P Hopefully you'll sleep tonight knowing that.

Oh, and here's an Andrew puzzle I came across. :P It'll keep you busy. here
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so thanks to all of you who helped me out on my andrew project.
on my bibliography I had the community listed.
My teach was like, uhm.. okay. haha.
but none the less, I got an A and most of it was because of you. WOOO!
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My 11:11 story is that when I found out that Andrew was sick, I wanted to do something to show my love not only for him, but for SoCo. So after the 11:11 bracelets came out, I thought it was a cute thing and I realized what I could do:

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