January 19th, 2006


Mod // WBW

Hey guys, sorry for being less than consistent on updating the theme week on Wednesdays. I suck at life ok?

This weeks theme:


Post (in your own entry) anything you've learned from any of the members of any of the bands affiliated with Andrew.

Have fun!

These are mine...


+Pianos fight back.
+Golf is not a sport.
+Don't take your shirt to the tailor on the day of a performance.


+Aviators make you look cool. End of story.

Jacques & the boys of Phantom Planet:

+If you're known for one song and one song only, make it a catchy one.
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New Music From Firescape!

Alright all you Josh lovers...

There's a new song up on Firescape's Myspace called "Erase This". Check it out and let them know what you think! It also says on there that the new album should be out in the Spring sometime. So keep your ears open for that.

Also, new member banner/icon things up in the community info. As well as there's a new promo banner.
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