January 22nd, 2006

Andy Samberg/MuchMusic

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Oohh guess what fellow SoCo/JM/Andrew fans. Because of Andrew and his amazing-ass-piano-playing-skills, I've decided to take up learning how to play the piano again. I used to play but I quit and it's been 5 years or something since I touched a piano. I was listening to The Mixed Tape and She Paints Me Blue for the 189431 time and I just listened to the piano solos in them. I got inspired to play again. I'm learning how to play "Down" by SoCo.

Back to the piano to pratice I go.

and does anyone know who made my icon? I have to give that person proper credit.
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Miss Delaney.

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Wow, second post in one day :P. I read the rules and it doesn't say that file sharing isn't allowed or anything, so I was wondering if anyone had either You Just Want to Waste My Time or Staying Home? Thanks =).
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sailor moon 2

i'm pathetic.

i'm currently putting off my geography report going through all of my andrew stuff PLUS this going back pages in this community.

and i'm currently screaming[since i can't sing] "i woke up in a car"
i love andrew. he makes procrastinating so much fun. :]

[delete this if it's not to your liking ;)]
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