April 5th, 2006


Theme Week

Haha I love this icon. :P And we're back. I think. So make your own entry. Now. I kid. But do it soon. Plz. :)

1. Flip flops or chucks?
2. B-O-B or Will?
3. Venice Beach or Cavanaugh Park?
4. Leaving Through The Window or North?
5. Polo or sweater?
6. The original mixed tape video or the new video?
7. Star or moon?
8. Blonde or brown?
9. (From the top 3 of SoCo Survivor at the Messengers) The Astronaut, Watch The Sky or Me & The Moon?
10. Something Corporate or Jack's Mannequin?

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so this may be a stupid question but ive been wondering this for a while.

does jacks mannequin have an apostrophe in it or not? becuase on the site, it has one, but then on some of the merch, like shirts, posters, etc. it doesnt. and (if im remembering correctly) i think i read in an interview that andrew said it didn't have an apostrophe.

yeah, so does jm have an apostrophe? or no?