April 12th, 2006


WBW: What Was He Thinking?!

This week's theme: What was he thinking?!

Beneath the cut is a picture, caption it. Every day this week there will be a new picture. The best caption overall will win a prize (yet to be determined). The winner will be announced next Wednesday. Kay?

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*Edit* I just started listening to the LoveLine recording... he sounds so upbeat and back to normal! Not as tired anymore. That's so great! Yay for Andrew! :) Check it out.

*Edit #2 (30 minutes later)* This interview is so awkward. It's kind of amusing.
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So I definitely was just looking at JM tour dates. And there is one near my birthday incredibly close to where I live, holy shit!!!!

August 2 - Koka Booth Ampitheater with OAR

AHHHH :-D best birthday-ish news... well... basically ever.
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