June 2nd, 2006

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I MET ANDREW!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is my story....
I got in line at noon for the 5/31/06 Orlando show. I was so bored so my friend and I decided to go eat in the house of blues. GUESS WHO THEY SIT US NEXT To??? MY BACK WAS 5 INCHES FROM ANDREWS BACK. I was flipping out! I was to shy to go up to him so once he left I said "it's now or never!" so I chased him out the back door. He was soooo sweet! It was just him, some dude, my friend and I. NO ONE ELSE. He did not rush me or anything. HE WAS SOOO SWEET! We took pics and chated for a few mintues and then he had to go to sound check!

I would say you do not understand how obsessed I am with SOCO/JM but you all do now how it is to be obsessed with them. I have loved them since 2001. On my mysapce where it says "WHo would you like to meet" MIne said "andrew,......" but it is now complete!!!

The cocnert was exactly 1 year to the date that he was diagnoised with Leukemia so he had a lot of us crying. It was pretty neat to think that 1 year ago he might not of lived and now he is out touring again!

He played 2 soco songs at the end!

I cried 4 times...
1) when he tlaked about the leukemia
2)during bruised
3) during cavanugh park
4) at the end when he left

it was so amazing!

p.s. he had hot tea with honey at lunch

I got there at noon and I was about the 12th person in line

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