June 3rd, 2006


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So, 2 questions.

1. What's been everyone's experience with washing American Apparel t-shirts? Will it really shrink down one size or any at all?

2. Does anyone want to buy a new, never been worn Year of the Mannequin t-shirt? It's navy with white print and not available in the on-line store. I'm selling it for $15.. which is $1-3 cheaper than what t-shirts cost in the on-line store.

I usually wear an adult small but I bought an American Apparell medium at the show on Tuesday and it's too big and I feel like a 5th grader in it. I really just want to order something that will actually fit from the on-line store. Help a girl out?

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wow. nerd much?
tonight i was talking to my friend rachel and this happened:

parents patterns (11:11:11 PM): pfft. I don't know.
parents patterns (11:11:15 PM): OHMYGOD
parents patterns (11:11:18 PM): 11:11:11!!!

and i got really excited.
but yeah. nerd.
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