June 7th, 2006

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My Favorite Andrew Things

1. The Monkees t-shirt & flip flops

2. The muffin hair

3. He loves Alice In Wonderland

4. His strength

5. His tattoos ( Van Gogh :] )

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Okay, so I have this project in my art class, where I have to take a quote or lyric and illustrate it, and I was thinking using an Andrew quote, JM lyric, or SoCo lyric.

[& it's totally due tomorrow and I didn't start it yet]

But I was hoping you guys could all give me your favorite quote and/or lyric(s)?

Thanks :D
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so i was thinking it'd be fun to have a picture post, where everyone posts pictures of andrew. i say this because i'm bored, aaand i want to look at andrew's face, and i just don't have many good pictures. i know there are 735 million out there. and i know you guys (collectively) have all of them. so lets do this.

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ok its your turn. GO GO GO!