June 29th, 2006


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 I haven't been around, and I've gone as far back on my friends page as possible, so can someone hook me up with those pics of Andrew wearing the green shirt, hanging from a tree and what not? I think they were taken for TeenPeople or something.  Thank you kindly in advance!

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Okay so.

Does anyone know where I can find the piano music for Bad Day by Daniel Powter?
I figured I'd ask.


I'm going to print out some pictures for my walls/doors, and I need some Andrew pictures! Crazy Andrew pictures, cute Andrew pictures, et cetera. Post your favourites.


Sorry if this post is off topic.

About a year ago, I recieved a beautiful JM bag from a girl named Tinsley, then promptly lost it amoungst my room clutter. I just found it the other day and realized that I had never paid for the bag. The first payment never reached her and I never made good on my promise to send the second. I desperatly need to find her and repay her. Please help.