June 30th, 2006


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Back in March I bought the JM poster at the show in KS. I hadn't put it up cause I wanted a frame for it. Well I cleaned my room today and found The Notebook poster a friend gave me....in a frame. Granted it is bigger then the JM poster I put it in anyways. 

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I was just looking at the project being done for Cute Is What We Aim For and remembering all the projects I've participated in for other bands and it got me thinking...
Has a project ever been done for Andrew? Like a scrapbook or a book of some sort (besides the Letters to Noelle one.) It wouldn't be for raising money like all the bracelets and such, more of a thing that would go directly to him, like the postcards for Andrew.
Or if there's been one (or several) when was it? because if it was a long enough time ago I'd love to organize another one.
So I was wondering, if I were to organize a project for Andrew, who would be interested in participating? It would either be a book of some sort like with letters, drawings, pictures, and other things. Or a quilt like the one made for The Academy Is... I'm just debating whether or not I would have to time to do something like that. Plus money would have to be donated for the backing/batting/so on and so forth.