August 9th, 2006

credit to mantha311

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I have this art project thing at school to draw stuff that inspires you. So yeah, of course I chose Andrew.
Just wondering, if nobody minds, could you post any pictures of andrew you have? Probably ones that are bright and you can kind of tell how he's so amazing.
AKA like if he's playing the piano, or singing, or something.

That'd be really great of you, if you could. Thanks. :)

Wheeeeee theme week!

And we're back. :)

This week: post the best promotion that you've ever seen or done.

Maybe it's another celeb promoting Jack's.
Maybe you did this gigantic thing that the entire town saw.
Maybe your friend did this amazing thing, and you're super jealous.
Maybe you're just stunned by Travis's Konstantine performance.

Let's see it!
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