November 20th, 2006

Andy Samberg

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ok, i feel dumb, but was anyone else aware of the fact that the song 'Anything, Anything' was a cover of the song 'Anything, Anything (I'll Give You)' by Buckcherry??  I had no idea!  I am so excited lol, i love buckcherry so this is just amazing to me. haha!

anyways, i uploaded all the versions of the song that i could find, so here ya go! lemme know what you think!

Buckcherry Version

Something Corporate Version:

also, let me know if these links arent working, and i'll try again. 


edit://  iwalkintodoors has just informed me that the song is originally a song by Dramarama.  thanks for letting me know! :o)

and here we go, the 3rd, and possibly final version of 'Anything, Anything' by Dramarama

Dramarama Version:

edit 2:// yup, im back again. this time because nevaehshoshanna has informed me that there is yet another version of the song, by Lucky Boys Confusion. so, for your enjoyment, and bc apprantly i am on a mission to find out and get every version of this amazing song that exists, is the 4th version that I've downloaded today:

Lucky Boys Confusion Version: