November 26th, 2006

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Okay, so.

I'm in a web design class at my school, and for our semester project, we are making a website of our choice. I'm doing Something Corporate (for any of you who know me, that's definitely a HUGE shocker *sarcasm*).

Anyway, I need a little bit of help.

- If anyone has some super spectacular pictures they think I should put on my site, you should leave a link or something in a comment.

- Got a website related to SoCo? Give me the link, and I'll put it on my links page for the site.

- I need a title for my website. I was thinking using lyrics. I'm pretty sure I'm going with "Sweet Katastrophe." If this is already the name of another site, let me know. If you have a cooler idea, leave it in a comment.

- Do you know where there are SoCo/Jacks/etc. tabs? I know that MyFriendAdam has piano stuff, but I need tabs, or anything other sheet music.

Thanks. =]
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