January 8th, 2007

ok nvm

i'm still selling the ticket to the Feb. 3 show. the person i was gonna sell to couldn't anymore. =(

BUT i've changed my preferences.
i want to TRADE tickets. so the buyer can get the Taste of Chaos ticket and send it to me and i can send them the Jack's Mannequin ticket.
is that ok?
or... i'll sell it for $45.
the Taste of Chaos ticket trade is a much better deal

AND this is a General Admission ticket, which is SOLD OUT.

ticket details:
Jack's Mannequin @ San Francisco, CA
February 3, 2006
General Admission

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Hey everyone I have 2 extra tickets for the NYC show on feb 28th general addmission. I dont think its sold out yet, but when and if it does sell out ill repost but I am selling 2 definately so if anyone needs let me know!