February 10th, 2007

new member questions

The Basics
1. Name: brittany.
2. Gender: female.
3. Location: new jersey.
4. Age: fourteen.

5. JM song? Why? probably "into the airwaves" because it makes me want to do bigger and better things, and not just have the "fishbowl life" the song talks about.

6. Something Corporate song? Why? "me and the moon" because it was the second something corporate song i ever heard, and it just makes me feel optimistic.

7. Something Corporate album? Why? i like "north" the best because no matter how many times i listen to it, the meanings of the songs always hit me just as hard.

8. Lyric/verse by SoCo or JM? Why? "these nights i get high just from breathing/when i lie here with you, i'm sure that i'm real/like that firework over the freeway/i could stay here all day, but that's not how you feel" from the soco song walking by. because it perfectly describes how someone can make you feel all of these things (even make you certain of your own reality), but they don't feel all of those things towards you.

9. Quote about or by Andrew? "I can say for the first time that I am not afraid, and while this is a feeling that can undoubtedly change with time, I feel cradled by this universe and the immense love that comes from it."

10. Member of JM and/or SoCo (other than Andrew)? Why? i love them all, but probably josh because i really like firescape.

11. Experience at a JM or SoCo show? i've never seen a soco show (the NJ show was the one that got cancelled when andrew got sick). but my favorite experience at a jack's mannequin show would probably be my first one. it was the show in NYC on 4/3, and it was just really exciting for me because i'd been looking forward to it for so long, and finally getting to see andrew live was obviously really special.

12. Books? "a heartbreaking work of staggering genius" by dave eggers and "how to be lost" by amanda ward

13. 10 Bands/Artists? (Besides JM and SoCo)
1. augustana
2. the honorary title.
3. playradioplay!
4. the hush sound.
5. william tell.
6. good charlotte.
7. muse.
8. regina spektor.
9. dave melillo.
10. neutral milk hotel.

14. Actor and/or actress? jared leto and winona ryder.

15. Movies? a walk to remember. pumpkin. harry potter.

16. TV Shows? project runway.

17. Food? oreos.

Random Questions
18. Do you have any of the Support Andrew wristbands, if so, which one(s)? i don't have any. but i want an 11:11AM one.

19. Tell us a short story relevant to Andrew. a while back i realized how much more andrew's music meant to me than any other music i'd ever listened to because i was listening to some old something corporate, and even though i'd heard each song at least 30 times, i started thinking about the lyrics and found that they could mean more than what i'd originally taken them to mean. a guy who can write lyrics that have multiple meanings to me, both of which i hold in high esteem, is obviously a very prominent part of my life.

20. What was the best moment from the Live @ Ventura DVD? "walking by" because it's defintely one of my favorite soco songs, and the beginning is really cute, where he's talking about how the guy knew the DVD was being filmed and was calling his friend a slut. =D

21. Describe Andrew in five words.
1. strong.
2. inspiring.
3. dedicated.
4. unique.
5. talented.

22. Do you make icons/graphics/wallpapers/layouts, if so, would you be willing to share them here? i don't, but if i ever started i'd definitely be willing to share them.

23. How many shows have you been to for either SoCo or JM? If you haven’t, how come? i've been to three jack's mannequin shows (4/3 at irving plaza, 8/11 pnc bank arts center, 11/13 madison square garden). and i'm going to two more on the upcoming tour.

24. Describe Andrew's fans. i didn't really know many soco fans, but the jack's fans are the coolest kids i've ever met. they're so chill and laid back, and they're usually nice to everyone (unless you chant konstantine or insist that andrew is named jack).

25. Are you involved in any other LJ communities related to Andrew/SoCo/JM etc...? audioboxer, andrew_fans, and piano_rock_fans.

26. Favorite object in space - be specific- (ie. a planet, a star, a moon, etc) Europa is one of the moons of Jupiter.

27. Tell us something interesting about yourself. i'm pretty much a nerd. i scored higher than the average 12th grader on my SAT. haha.

28. What's your Messenger screen name? curseofcurves.

29. How has Andrew affected you and your life? he's affected so many parts of my life. his music always makes me happy even if i'm really sad. and his lyrics always make me think so much. overall, he's made me a much more enlightened person.
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