September 30th, 2009


Light the Night donation contest reminder

I have teamed up with Tamisha Design for a contest in hopes of encouraging more people to donate to the Light the Night walk I will be taking part in Tulsa, OK (Jenks) on October 3rd (Saturday). Tamisha Design has created a special necklace for one lucky donor. I will be walking as a member/team captain of the Jack's Mannequin team. Please help spread the word!

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Entry is simple! Simply make a donation to my Light the Night donation page. For as little as $1 you will be entered to win this custom necklace. A winner will be picked at random October 5th (Monday)

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i hate to be a bother, but if anyone happens to have any extra tickets for the Chicago show or screening of Dear Jack I would love to take them off your hands! I am the victim of bad timing and was not quick enough to get tickets to either.

any help would be appreciated :)