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Jack's Mannequin in St. Louis fangirl post

I had the very very amazing chance to see Jack's Mannequin (and Treaty of Paris, Phantom Planet, and Paper Route) last night in St. Louis. It was absolutely amazing. There aren't words for how amazing it was, tbh. Mini-review plus pictures and a few videos behind the cut :)

I don't have a set list because despite making a mental note to complete one before they got on stage and going as far as to make a note on my sidekick for it, as soon as the set began I lost all train of thought for anything that wasn't Jack's Mannequin. I wanna say the only song from EIT that they didn't do was Miss Delaney, which I'm not completely sure they didn't do. On top of those songs, they also did The Resolution, Me and the Moon, Bloodshot, a cover of I'm On Fire and a cover of American Girl. It was a night made of amazing and there really aren't words.

I managed to get a video of Bloodshot, but wasn't quick enough to get The Resolution, many apologies.


I'm On Fire

Me and the Moon (and Andrew calling the crowd mother fuckers)

After the show we hung around inside where they were selling merch and met all of the other bands, which timed out perfectly because I made it out back to get in line to see Andrew (and in time for Phantom Planet's super awesome acoustic set on the mandulin which might have been longer than their actual set)

I was on a mission beyond just getting a chance to talk with Andrew for five seconds, which was to get his autograph for my sister-in-law and to get a picture of him with the scrapbook she made for me which resulted in this:

I've watched way too much Doctor Who because I automacially thought of the Master....

And I also for the first time got to meet Bobby so that was another plus and highlight.

It was an amazing night and again reminded me just how amazing Jack's Mannequin truly is and made me that much more excited for the album. Anyone who's going to any of the other headlining shows, you will have an amazing time. Definitely check out the other bands too, everyone was so amazingly cool and just amazing. Extra props to Phantom Planet who got elevated majorly in my list of favorite bands.

Feel free to use and post, whatever but if you do use the one of Andrew with the scrapbook, please credit. It's my new favorite thing hah And also many many thanks to the awesome girls I talked to while waiting to talk to Andrew, they took the picture.

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