we're caught in a waltz & i hope we dance forever. (heymadeline) wrote in allthingsandrew,
we're caught in a waltz & i hope we dance forever.

So last night in Chicago, my buddies and favorite locals, Treaty of Paris (sorry i talk about them so much) put together a cancer benefit show with Quietdrive.
Whilst standing in line, who should I see sneak in through the side door?
The one and only Andrew R. McMahon.
I kept it on the DL and when I got inside, begged Treaty to bring me to him.
Eventually, the singer brought him out and I got to have a nice chat with him :]

I look awkward.

Anyway, at the end of Treaty's set, they played this song called "I'll Come Back," which Andrew played piano for on their album, and I got footage of it for anyone who wants to see. :]

(*listen to me scream and spaz :P*)

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