darling_mae (darling_mae) wrote in allthingsandrew,

I'm new here...

But I've been a fan for a good--jeeze--five years? I don't do the LJ very much--but I'm working on it! And, I wanted to share my most recent Andrew encounter, briefly:

It was on Halloween Day, in San Diego--I was feeling pretty crappy (had been in the ER cause my doctor's was closed just a day and a half before) but I couldn't miss the show. So my boyfriend and I got into town early and were walking from the train station down to the HOB; I was thinking to myself: "Hmmm Andrew is somewhere in this city...I wonder what he's doing!" And I kid you not, two minutes later I look up from the sidewalk and see a couple holding hands--didn't get a good look at the girl--because I instantly recognized Andrew! Some part of me was functioning, because I said, "Hey Andrew!" and smiled. He smiled back and said, "Hey how are you doing?!" "And I said fine, thank you!" and we kept walking past each other.

Thirty seconds later, I started panicking legitimately. I hadn't seen Andrew since 2004, and there he was, walking down the street. The following show was AMAZING, and afterwards I got to talk to him oh so quickly--told him about something that happened at a show in 2004, which he said he remembered and "GOD, that was SO long ago!"--and had him sign my ticket.

Best part of all is I got a hug from and a new picture with him! Didn't feel sick anymore! :)

P.S. Pictures of Andrew in a coconut bra and hula skirt standing on top of his piano = PRICELESS.

What about you guys? Any encounters with Andrew?

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