Allison Bianchi (alsnwonderland) wrote in allthingsandrew,
Allison Bianchi

New Member Questionaire

<u>The Basics</u>
<b>1. Name:</b> Allison Bianchi.
<b>2. Gender:</b> Female.
<b>3. Location:</b> Tucson, Arizona.
<b>4. Age:</b> Nineteen.

<u>Pictures (optional)</u>

My friend Whitney, and I.

My friend Keegan, and I as the Mad-hatter, and Alice from Alice In Wonderland

Me, way excited for the stingray exhibit at the zoo.

<b>5. JM song? Why?</b> MFEO. And I would have to say because it always reminds me of summer months with my friends. Us all just fitting back into our old niches, like we haven't grown up at all. That and the current relationship I am in started out as a summer romance and those lyrics kinda always filled my ears.
<b>6. Something Corporate song? Why?</b> The Runaway. Even though the song seriously sounds stalkerish, I love how intense the emotion is.
<b>7. Something Corporate album? Why?</b> I am at a toss up between North, and Leaving Through The Window. And I have such a spot for them, cause both have two different sound, well emotions, atleast that's how it seems to me.
<b>8. Lyric/verse by SoCo or JM? Why?</b> "Piece by piece, and bit by bit
I'll break this down for you, real slow
But I can't whisper all of this
And I can't seem to let this go

So I'll watch the matches, turn to ashes
I'll watch the matches, turn to ashes

I can tell as you turn, I smell the sulfur so clear
And fire's a beautiful sound
And the wings that you burn turn to ashes my dear
And ashes just fall to the ground"

Once upon a time this was something I wanted to put in a letter to an exboyfriend of mine. He broke up with me because I wasn't "Christian" enough. I wanted to point out all the things he did wrong. But even though he wasn't someone who was good to be with, I was still really upset for a long while afterwards because of how much I put into the whole thing.

<b>9. Quote about or by Andrew?</b> "Sometimes your circumstances suck, but life doesn't."
<b>10. Member of JM and/or SoCo (other than Andrew)? Why?</b> No, not yet. Maybe I will check into those as well.
<b>11. Experience at a JM or SoCo show?</b> I had seen SoCo about 2 times, and JM two time already when I went to see them again. Jacks Mannequin had started gaining huge momentum because it was playing in the Hollister store at our local mall. So there were lots of "Bros", as my friend fondly calls them, at the show. Well me and my friend being about 5'2" each are pretty small girls. Anyways, somehow during the show a beer got spilled on two "Bros" infront of us and they started fist fighting. Naturally me and my friend tried getting out of the way so we wouldn't be harmed. Two more "Bros" behind us helped us, and just lifted us on their sholders until security came to break up the fight. It was just silly these random boys came to our rescue when we didn't even know them. Okay that was a long story. Sorry.
<b>12. Books?</b> I have every Shel Silverstein book. I love Peter Pan. And I really like the books Survivor and Fight Club. And Alice In Wonderland.
<b>13. 10 Bands/Artists? (Besides JM and SoCo)</b> DeVotchka, Elliot Smith, Streetlight Manifesto, and I can't seem to do without Bobby Darin. Third Eye Blind, Jimmy Eat World, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Aesop Rock
<b>14. Actor and/or actress?</b> I really enjoy Edward Norton, and hmm for an actress I'm growing fond of Maggie Ghyllenhal, just not in Dark Knight.
<b>15. Movies?</b> Stand By Me, Me Without You, Peter Pan, Alice In Wonderland, Elizabethtown, And Stranger Than Fiction. Oh! And Wall-e.
<b>16. TV Shows?<b> I seriously just watch Food network, and Dirty Jobs, and that's it.
<b>17. Food?</b> Chipotle Burriotos, and just about any pasta.

<u>Random Questions</u>
<b>18. Do you have any of the Support Andrew wristbands, if so, which one(s)?</b> Nope, don't own a single one.
<b>19. Tell us a short story relevant to Andrew.</b> At the same time Andrew was going through his fight with lukemia so was my grandmother,  it was a tough time in my life. And reading Andrews hopeful blogs was always a nice pickmeup at that time.
<b>20. What was the best moment from the Live @ Ventura DVD?</b> Sadly, I have never seen the dvd. Nor do I own it. I once bought a copy off of amazon, and it wasn't compatible with my DVD player.
<b>21. Describe Andrew in five words.</b> Very relatable emotionally and lyrically.
<b>22. Do you make icons/graphics/wallpapers/layouts, if so, would you be willing to share them here?</b> Sorry I don't.
<b>23. How many shows have you been to for either SoCo or JM? If you haven’t, how come?</b> I've been to 2 Something Corporate shows, and 3 Jack's Mannequin shows.
<b>24. Describe Andrew's fans.</b> Completley devoted.
<b>25. Are you involved in any other LJ communities related to Andrew/SoCo/JM etc...?</b> Nope, just restarted using lj.
<b>26. Favorite object in space - be specific- (ie. a planet, a star, a moon, etc)</b>
The Head of Horse Nebula.
<b>27. Tell us something interesting about yourself.</b> I live in Tucson Arizona. One of the hottest most sun drenched places in America. And yet, I am still really pale. And ALWAYS cold. No matter what.
<b>28. What's your Messenger screen name?</b>Allisonbianchi
<b>29. How has Andrew affected you and your life?</b> Well he's made it a lot nicer to wake up in the morning, cause my alarm plays "As you sleep" to wake me up. I am deffinatley not such a crank since I set it to that. :]ontents here.


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