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New mod

Hello! I'm a new mod here so I figured I should introduce myself. I'm Liz, I live in the Seattle area, and I've been listening to Andrew for... 8ish years. Something Corporate has hovered up in my favorite bands since late elementary school (freshman in college now) and I love Jack's Mannequin as well.

I have a few ideas to breathe a little life into this community. I mean, we have over 600 members and about 2 posts a month, sometimes no posts a month. That's depressing. Even all of the communities that we're affiliated with have died off except for one.
We could start theme weeks. I post a question or idea and everyone replies to it. I know in some other communities one person will post a theme week one week and then the first person to reply to it gets to post the theme for the next week. That might be a good idea, especially after I start struggling to come up with ideas for the themes. :) Another idea I had was that every once in awhile we could have contests where people could win SoCo or JM merch or just something Andrew related. You guys can post telling a story/showing pictures if you see JM in concert. You can post icons/graphics as you've been doing. We can also use this community as a place to post news, Andrew's blogs, etc. I know that JM is the first "band of the month" or something like that for The-N.

If you guys have any other ideas to help this community then feel free to speak up. I'll start a theme week tomorrow and we'll go from there.

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