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New mod

Hello! I'm a new mod here so I figured I should introduce myself. I'm Liz, I live in the Seattle area, and I've been listening to Andrew for... 8ish years. Something Corporate has hovered up in my favorite bands since late elementary school (freshman in college now) and I love Jack's Mannequin as well.

I have a few ideas to breathe a little life into this community. I mean, we have over 600 members and about 2 posts a month, sometimes no posts a month. That's depressing. Even all of the communities that we're affiliated with have died off except for one.
We could start theme weeks. I post a question or idea and everyone replies to it. I know in some other communities one person will post a theme week one week and then the first person to reply to it gets to post the theme for the next week. That might be a good idea, especially after I start struggling to come up with ideas for the themes. :) Another idea I had was that every once in awhile we could have contests where people could win SoCo or JM merch or just something Andrew related. You guys can post telling a story/showing pictures if you see JM in concert. You can post icons/graphics as you've been doing. We can also use this community as a place to post news, Andrew's blogs, etc. I know that JM is the first "band of the month" or something like that for The-N.

If you guys have any other ideas to help this community then feel free to speak up. I'll start a theme week tomorrow and we'll go from there.
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Mod Post

Hey all-

I hope everyone's lives are treating them well. Mine has been busy to say the least, and this poor little community is suffering from it. With that, I would like to ask for applications to mod allthingsandrew and hopefully breathe some life back into it (maybe start some theme weeks or something???).

If you're interested, just leave a comment below with the following:

Ideas for the community:
Random fun fact:

All comments are screened.

Thanks loves and take care!

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I'm new here...

But I've been a fan for a good--jeeze--five years? I don't do the LJ very much--but I'm working on it! And, I wanted to share my most recent Andrew encounter, briefly:

It was on Halloween Day, in San Diego--I was feeling pretty crappy (had been in the ER cause my doctor's was closed just a day and a half before) but I couldn't miss the show. So my boyfriend and I got into town early and were walking from the train station down to the HOB; I was thinking to myself: "Hmmm Andrew is somewhere in this city...I wonder what he's doing!" And I kid you not, two minutes later I look up from the sidewalk and see a couple holding hands--didn't get a good look at the girl--because I instantly recognized Andrew! Some part of me was functioning, because I said, "Hey Andrew!" and smiled. He smiled back and said, "Hey how are you doing?!" "And I said fine, thank you!" and we kept walking past each other.

Thirty seconds later, I started panicking legitimately. I hadn't seen Andrew since 2004, and there he was, walking down the street. The following show was AMAZING, and afterwards I got to talk to him oh so quickly--told him about something that happened at a show in 2004, which he said he remembered and "GOD, that was SO long ago!"--and had him sign my ticket.

Best part of all is I got a hug from and a new picture with him! Didn't feel sick anymore! :)

P.S. Pictures of Andrew in a coconut bra and hula skirt standing on top of his piano = PRICELESS.

What about you guys? Any encounters with Andrew?
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(no subject)

Okay, you're probably sick of these, but I've got another Treaty of Paris tour blog featuring Andrew.
He comes in at 0:52, and well, I just find this amusing.

And then at 4:02, there's a clip of "Bloodshot"

I can't wait for this tour to hit up Chicago.
Anyone else going?

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(no subject)

So for one of my classes I'm doing a project on a lyricist and of course, I chose Andrew. I was wondering if anyone knew the names of any of Something Corporate's headlining tours? Or if they didn't have names, just who they were touring with.

Thanks :]


I come undone oh yes I do...

I'm not sure if this is allowed and if it's not please feel free to delete. I was wondering if someone would perhaps make me a wallpaper of Jack's Mannequin with any pictures you please and with the lyrics from "The Resolution" and if you can fit it, "Into the Airwaves." I love both of those songs so both of them or either can be used. I would do it myself but my abilities don't translate well to wallpapers. I mainly do icons, an example is my user icon right now. Also, if you want to check out my stuff you can go to iconnik. I don't have an Andrew icons at the moment but I'm hoping to dive in and make some soon.

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lee pace and dog.

soco videos?

anyone have videos uploaded of soco videos?
specifically, if you c jordan and i woke up in a car, but really any form of soco in a video would be soooooo AMAZING!!!
ipod compatible, if possible, or at least in a format i can convert?