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All Things Andrew

He's swimming through your stereo

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All Things Andrew

Welcome to All Things Andrew, a community for the fans of Andrew McMahon. Anything relevant to the frontman of Jack's Mannequin and Something Corporate is welcome here.

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NEW MEMBERS: Please fill out the questionnaire that is FOUND HERE so that we can get to know you. Thanks!

All members have posting access until they fail to agree with the terms outlined in the rules below. It is reminded that Friends Only entries are preferred, but not necessary.

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01. Mods reserve the right to ban members at any time for rude behavior or actions considered inappropriate.
02. No hotlinking! Please upload graphics to your own server.
03. Credit must be given if requested.
04. All graphics must be placed under an lj-cut.
05. Promotions are allowed, but must be placed under an lj-cut and must be related to Andrew and the things or people he is associated with (Something Corporate, Jack’s Mannequin, side-talking, members of the bands, etc…)
06. DO NOT spam the community with “oMfG… aNdR3w iz sooooo h0tt!” Typing like that will be an automatic ban.
07. All new members must fill out the questionnaire (scroll above) at some point. These entries must be made friends only.
09. Long entries must be under an lj-cut.

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Theme week posts should be done in your own entry (preferrably Friends Only) and under an lj-cut.

Currently: NONE

Have a suggestion? Contact ameliorez.

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The Owner: ameliorez [Questionnaire]
The Sidekick: znp [Questionnaire]
The Moderator: lust_and_liars

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For community icons for your userinfo or promotional banners, please see this post.

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